Design, Consulting & Engineering

The Creation of a system requires the integration of many components, but one area that is often disconnected is the talent involved in the process. Architects, Interior Designers, Building contractors and systems installers each have a role, and a good system integrator should work to consider their needs and coordinate their efforts.

How things look is built into any of our design from the start, placement of any control interface (Touch screens, keypads, switches and thermostats) is decided following design concepts and ergonomics and logic regulations. Years of experience working with top designers and architects taught us valuable lessons about wall clutter, hiding what is not required to be seen without sacrificing quality is one of our goals.

Most of newest electronics systems we recommend are based on a strong network design, this will allow the system to be updated and controlled over the Internet, so we can make diagnose and solve problems remotely. It also means for the owners the convenience to access or control their custom system even from their cell phone or through the internet from anywhere in the world.

At SMART GC we keep updated with the latest technology trends and one of our main goals is to make our clientele aware of the advantages of emerging technologies, making easier the system design process and the best selection for their requirements. We always look forward to find ways to future proof by creating systems that are adaptable to new technologies. If you’re a new home builder or renovating an established home the best time to start your wiring distribution is before construction.

The importance of a structured cabling design is too often diluted. It is our conclusion that the structured cabling design is as important as any and in fact more important than most of the other design elements in your new home.

Systems integration

Many homes already have some form of digital technology be it a digital video recorder or digital TV but, a Digital Smart Home is a home that has been designed to integrate all of the homes systems wirelessly or through a smart wiring or structured cabling package. The end result is a Digital Smart Home allowing a home automation system to exist.

A home automation system simplifies the use of your homes digital services and devices, whether you are 8 or 88 you will be able to easily use it and you will love it!

All of this from the push of a button, this button can be located on any easily operated smart device, from an iPhone or iPad to a home automation touch screen or even a smart light switch.

Integrating all of your homes systems with a structured cabling design is easy. Instead of locating your security system panel in the walk-in robe of the Master Suite and your TV splitter in the roof somewhere, your floor heating thermostats on the wall next to the light switch which is next to the fan switch opposite the air-conditioning remote wall dock, you simply locate everything in one location.

This is commonly known as the structured cabling hub. It’s usually installed in the garage but can go in a store room or an equipment room or anywhere really that can accommodate the number of systems in your home.

There are many ways to skin this cat but, provided you have had a qualified professional assist you with a structured cabling package of your own, what you will end up with is a home that has been wired to a specific design and a design that has been conceived considering future technologies. The end result is a Digital Smart Home, a home prepared for current and future technologies.

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Multi-Room Audio & Video Systems

Of all electronics amenities, one of the most satisfying is whole-house or multi-room audio.

Music after all, is an important and highly individual preference. The ability to select from an array of sources and distribute that music throughout different rooms can make everyone’s life more enjoyable.

The goal of a successful whole house audio and video distribution is to route a desire audio or video source to an unlimited number of zones, touch screens controls are typically placed in many locations to provide a versatile operation of this systems.

Typical audio zones include Family Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Living Room. Bedrooms, bathrooms and patio pool area might be included too; we be happy to help you taking the right choice between keypads touch screens or hand held where or how much power.

Lighting Temperature & Shade Control

Arrive to a warmly lit home with the touch of a button in your car. Enhance the beauty and comfort of your home while saving energy with lighting, shade, and temperature controls. While inside, control your environment with a hand-held remote, a wall-mounted keypad, or with your smart phone, tablet or PC anywhere in the world.

Lighting Control:

  • Dim your lights to conserve energy for a more efficient way of living.
  • Prolong bulb life and reduce landfill waste and impact on our environment.
  • Eliminate the need for using high-efficiency lighting which can potentially contain harmful pollutants.
  • Automatically shut down unused devices when away or even on vacation.

Temperature Control:

  • Heating and cooling costs account for 40% of the total energy consumption of the average home.
  • Programmable thermostats reduce heating and cooling costs automatically.
  • Save energy by shutting down the hot water heater when you go on vacation.

Shades and Drapery Control:

  • Open shades and drapes during portions of the day to illuminate a room without using the lights.
  • Reduce the heat generated from intense sunlight and lower cooling costs.
  • Choose from hundreds of fabrics of varying opacity and color.

Networking & VoiP

For Business and residential applications the back bone of every integrated system is the network that ties everything together, and building today’s networks is a far cry from wiring your old stereo system. IP Protocols are in current technology from data to voice, video conference, control and entertainment.

As with any complex installation, the first step is planning to consider tomorrow’s needs as well as todays.

Most of the existing electronic systems relay on networks that were once seen only in the business world. High-Speed wire and wireless systems, secure firewalls, content filters, secure remote access and fiber optics are now typical of a High Tech Home.

Business relay on IT infrastructure Networks. Create a functional network for today’s business requirements and design its components layouts could be a challenge for most of the business owners and making the right decision will determinate the productivity and speed of growth, linking multiple locations with virtual private networks (VPN) and remote access systems creating Voice over IP (VoIP) systems linking your branch and yours or your employee home offices, this let you function as a truly centralized company.

Private Theater / Media Room

Home Theater design, technology plays a significant role. The first consideration is to remember that the goal is not a room full of systems, but an environment for sensory perception. The objective is to provide a total experience that combines high quality sight, sound, physical comfort and ease of use.

Because each person is unique as their home, no single solution fits everyone, our design process is highly interactive, and work to help you articulate your desires and to understand the many options.

Conference Rooms

When your company is staffed by people with expertise, knowledge and drive, you have the building blocks for success. To ensure your company is truly innovative, you need people who are connected. You need to find new ways to collaborate.

Even if some team members are in other locations, everyone can connect by viewing each other and working on documents simultaneously.

Every business can benefit from collaboration – when people share ideas and work together, it’s a chance to improve productivity and results. SMART GC gives you those opportunities by enabling you to work with information in more meaningful and effective ways. You can easily share information, concepts and plans, or discuss and brainstorm ideas – either in scheduled meetings or informal collaboration sessions.

Regardless of the purpose of your meetings, presentations, demonstrations or collaboration sessions, SMART GC can help to make your workday more productive and drive success for your business.

Professional Audio and Video

Whether you are conscious of it or not, when you walk into a room, the way it looks, sounds, and you interact with it have a major impact on your experience.

Our goal is to design systems that integrate seamlessly into their environment. To design an AV system that compliments the room takes a combination of experience, artistic skill, and insight into the complex behavior of sound and light in that room.

When we design systems either for new construction or renovations, we work with the architect and engineers throughout the design process to optimize the space. We evaluate the acoustics, lighting, sightlines, angle of view, ambient noise, electrical requirements, and even room structure in order to make a better functioning room. Our designs and suggestions are then incorporated into the basic room design so the room and the AV systems within it work together as a unified whole.

In Commercial environments for locations frequented by the general public or specific targeted groups or market segments. We can provide new and innovating ways to promote your business. Digital signage replaces traditional marketing materials, and also enhances the quality of communication. The content that digital signage presents can guide visitors, provide critical information, and entertain customers as a means of triggering certain purchasing decisions.

Advertising using digital signage is a form of advertising in which video content, advertisements and messages are displayed on digital signs with a common goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times.

The market sees digital signage as more beneficial compared to static signage because content that updates frequently can be digitally updated, saving time and the cost of printing. Digital signage also has the ability to be interactive with imbedded touch screens, movement detection and image capture devices.